2002 Raptor 660 Issues
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Thread: 2002 Raptor 660 Issues

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    2002 Raptor 660 Issues

    Hey guys I am new to the forums and am having issues with my raptor so I thought I would jump on here to see if anyone could help me out. I've got a 2002 Yamaha Raptor 660 that seems to be having issues at 3/4 to Full Throttle. After first getting this thing with leaky carbs and a less than sub-par idle, the idle is now perfect and the carbs no longer leak!
    However it is having a stumbling issue at 3/4 to full throttle. It somewhat mimics that of a rev limiter but it clearly isn't near redline. After much tinkering and research I pinned the possible culprit to be the parking brake... The bullet connector that connects up near the clutch lever is especially odd in this case because when it is disconnected the bike runs like absolute garbage, probably worse than it ran when I first got it.
    I have seen some threads on this issue saying that you can splice the wires and ground them but would there be any way to bypass the parking brake completely (if that is even the true issue)?
    To anyone who takes the time out to give me a few tips, thank you in advance from a newbie!

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    Check this thread below out. But, Its probably your reverse hanging up. Follow the reverse switch down to the trans and you will see a little lever. See if you can move it more in the disengage direction. You probably need a new reverse switch cable.

    How To: Remove PB Sensor

    Coop we miss you brother..

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