Mr12 race gas?
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Thread: Mr12 race gas?

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    Mr12 race gas?

    I'm currently running 93/110 "50/50 mixed" I've read that the mr12 gas give more hp. Is this true. My mods 10:1compression, hc3, +3 to, fci and big 3

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    You compression isn't really high enough to benefit from race gas. Sure you can feel it pull a lil more on top end but it's definitely not needed for your set up. Running straight 93 octane pump gas is fine.
    Anything above 12.1:1 and you want to start running race fuel. Right now though you're almost waisting money....unless your raptor lives at redline like the 450s do.

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    I used to run VP 110 in mine when we would go to Silver Lakes in Michigan, dunno if it was the altitude change but it ran better than just pump93. I switched to cam2 when we got home cuz I couldn't find VP just because it runs better than just pump gas...and it smells cool... jmo

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