08 Raptor 350 Crazy Noise.
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Thread: 08 Raptor 350 Crazy Noise.

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    08 Raptor 350 Crazy Noise.

    Hey, So I recently bought a used 2008 350 Raptor. I am new to riding myself and over the weekend I was riding and I heard a "tink tink tink" noise coming from the front of the raptor. I had my friend look at it and they said they couldn't see anything wrong and I could continue to ride it and I did and it got ten times worse. As I was driving the noise got a lot loader and more frequent. I turned it off. WE tried to start it back up but it would not turn over completely. It quit starting after about 5 min of messing with it and only began to click . We was also unable to roll start it. I am not sure what is going on with it. (keep in mind I am new to this) I want to say the starter. I am hoping it was not a piston or something serioius. Their was oil and no metal shavings in the oil case. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take a video and post it. Is it rhythmic with the motor rotating or does it more happen when riding rather then when sitting still?

    Coop we miss you brother..

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