I am possibly going to purchase a 2013 Raptor 90 for my son in the near future. My son and I like the bike but I don't like the fact that it has no headlights and tail light / brake light. We sometimes ride after dark around the house. I found a few threads on another forum that touched on the subject but it looked like they were mostly for earlier year models.

I found the E-TON lights mentioned but have had trouble finding a all inclusive kit to install on the Raptor. The site I was directed to in the thread sold the individual parts seperately. And when I say seperately, I mean screws, lenses, housings, and so on.... No all inclusive kit.

I am open to suggestions on lighting the Raptor (E-TON kit or otherwise). I do wish to have a working brake light with the tail light. Any help is appreciated but a post directing me to a all inclusive kit would be awesome! We do sometimes get wet and muddy when we ride so it obviously need to be a quality set-up. Thanks in advance.