How do I REMOVE the NOZZLE for the main jet?
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Thread: How do I REMOVE the NOZZLE for the main jet?

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    How do I REMOVE the NOZZLE for the main jet?

    I have a 2004 Raptor 50. I just got the Raptor 80 carb kit to do the mods everyone suggests. I installed a new ProCom PE-C-AY50 CDI box too and modified the slider and throttle restriction.
    I couldn't figure out how to remove the NOZZLE, so I left the original in there. Is the 80 nozzle any different than the 50? (it may be clogged from bad previous owner) The quad spits and sputters and runs like sh*****. I turned the air screw a few different ways etc. I can get it to rev fine just sitting there "Sometimes". But in gear, forget it. Sounds terrible and embarrassing. . I don't have an air filter yet (FYI). The guy I bought it from didn't have it.
    I was thinking maybe it really needs the new nozzle but I don't know how to remove it. And I was VERY careful to keep things clean as I put in all the new parts. I had a little gas filter on the line but I think i'm going to remove that in case that is restricting gas flow and now I have a brand new petcock with the screen filters.

    HELP Please !!

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    I am currently working on a 06 raptor 50 ran with cdi box only for a while did great I just added big gun exhaust uni filter 80 main jet ran terrible wouldn't move on it's own I put factory main jet in and back to air box cdi exhaust only ran awesome for my sons race sat I have not taken 8 balls out of the clutch back to 80 jet and uni filter runs ok but leans out and smokes at high rpm 80 slide nozzle and 12.5 pilot jet will arrive Wednesday if that doesn't help the bottom end I will go back to stock jet airbox and replace 4 balls in clutch

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    I never felt I got my 50 right. I have messed and messed with the jetting, cut the slide, changed the cdi, ect. I got it rideable, and it is a little faster. I concluded its just not the platform to modify.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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