2005 Raptor 50 motor questions
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Thread: 2005 Raptor 50 motor questions

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    2005 Raptor 50 motor questions

    My son's 50 just lost compression due to damage to the head. My question is what would be my best option to fix it while also getting a little more power out of it since he is getting older. Is it possible to put raptor 80 parts onto the 50 or is that not possible. Not sure which parts are compatible between the two. Trying to get it running and not spend a ridiculous amount of money. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I had a similar thing happen to me with my son's raptor. The exhaust valve got bent for no apparent reason during a start up. The mods to upgrade it wasn't worth the cost in my book. A new CDI, full exhaust, New carb slide (from a 80) and re jetting is going to run you $400 to $500 and that's after you repair your head. The added cost plus the worth of the 50 equaled the cost of a 90 which your boy will get much more life out of. I recommend just fixing your head and then selling it and upgrade to a 90. The size difference between the 2 isn't that much but the power and fun is.

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    I did a few things to my sons 50 and I do agree with fixing it and upgrading to a bigger bike. My son now has a Raptor 90. I did the rev box and it made it a little quicker but they doubled the RPM's and now it vibrates like crazy. I did the jet kit and the cutting of the carb slide and I just cant get the jetting right. Either its perfect up top and boggy down low or its the opposite. They really are not made to move that much air and fuel and the extra RPM just seems like its going to kill the motor.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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