Hey guys, just picked up an 04 660r. I used to have an 03 about ten years ago (maybe longer cant remember). Anyway, I have a few questions

1) Smokes a tad revving up. Looks a little white/blue but a little black and smells like fuel. Has dyno jet kit in it, I believe jets are 146/148 Fuel screw out 3 turns

2) is a 100.5 or 101 mm overbore with either a 9.9 or 11 to one compression ratio advisable on a stock rod? Trail riding only, no drag or dunes

3) can someone post a pic of the forward headlight mount? The not removable one, Mine has been broke or cut off and I'd like to fabricate/weld on a new one and have working lights again.

4) Tusk rear axles any good? My old one was a durablue, but not sure I wanna spend that much as of yet

5) Its got an LRD full exhaust, Id like to repack it, sounds like hell, but also looking for a spark arrestor that will fit if possible to ride trails

Thanks very much and I'm sure I'll have more questions as time progresses

oh, and it has a k&n filter with no airbox lid, gonna get a proflo foam unit after I get all the maitenance done on it. I dont think it was treated well by previous owners. Valves were so tight it wouldnt run when I got it