Raptor 660 blows of carbs
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Thread: Raptor 660 blows of carbs

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    Raptor 660 blows of carbs

    Hi im new to the forums sorry if im in the wrong spot anyway ii have a 01 raptor 660 took it out on some trauls did a few wheelies then when i got back it wouldnt start and makes a wierd noise by starter. When it does start you cant touch the throttle otherwise it dies. It backfires and bangs. Ran fine for the past month before any answers or help would be apreciated it yas a yoshimura exahust and oversized radiator

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    Has this the carbs blown off once or a bunch of times? If once, get new clamps and make sure they are on good and give it another shot.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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