Fresh Build Busted lol
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Thread: Fresh Build Busted lol

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    Fresh Build Busted lol

    So... Story time.

    Bought a 01 660, low comp, rebuilt.

    Wiseco high comp piston 686
    Hot Rods forged crank and rod
    All new bearings, chains, tensioner, gaskets, etc etc.
    Hot cams stage 2 (with the recommended springs)
    Dynojet stage 2 jet kit
    Full HMF performance exhaust

    Motor assembled by SUPER reputable builder in my area.

    So I put about an hour of riding on it last season (got motor back about a week before first snowfall), parked it in heated garage over winter. A month ago started it up just for shits, started 2nd crank, no issues. Went for a ride today after carb clean and full oil change (checked for leaks before driving off). Drove perfectly. Revved up and down thru RPM range in different gears to assist the break in. There was no backfiring or stalling from letting off throttle or downshifting. Rode for about an hour and a half like this. All of a sudden it would fall on its face even at WOT every 2-3 seconds, then be fine for 2-3 seconds, then rev up again for 2-3 seconds, and so on. Found the issue was a melted, yeah MELTED, battery terminal. So I vise-gripped the cable to the terminal and made my way back home. Again, the bike drove perfectly for another 20-30 mins, awesome, problem solved. About 3 miles from my house, I stop at a stop sign and turn left. Go to accelerate and fall flat on face again and stalled.

    Thinking it was the battery again, I go in and fix (it had come loose), to go start and no start. Starter cranks (a lot easier than usual due to the high comp piston), but doesn't start. Puff of smoke every so often out the exhaust. So I call for a trailer and bring it home.

    I popped the valve cover off to see if the cam snapped, it didnt. For kicks I checked my oil and there was NOTHING in the tank. Crankcase breather underneath the starter is surrounded by oil and so is my swing arm. I lost the contents of the oil tank in 2 hours. Why would oil be spitting out of that breather in such vast amounts??? I took a bit of oil out from the crankcase and it was grey. Never seen grey oil before, quick online search tells me water in oil. Didnt hit water higher than a pothole puddle. Also the oil smells like gas.

    Is this possibly a head gasket issue? I used the Wiseco head gasket that came with the piston kit I ordered. Possibly a cracked block?

    Any other possibilities that I should look into before I pull this motor out and start tear-down?

    Thanks, and sorry for the long post.

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    Id check your oil lines , filter , make sure theres no clogs , cuz clearly your oil is coming in but cant find a way around , as for the grey oil u could very well have a leak from your head gasket, if he didnt heat up the head engine and retorque the head bolts they could let the head gasket leak , your head bolts could also be stretched.

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