2001 660 r wiring harness, flattrack racer build
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Thread: 2001 660 r wiring harness, flattrack racer build

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    2001 660 r wiring harness, flattrack racer build

    ew flat track racer build! Have a 2001 Raptor 660 motor in a 1986 Suzuki LT 250r frame. Have it mounted in frame, all frame mods are done, coolant lines and gas lines are run, down to wiring! Oh yea, my favorite! I suck at wiring stuff and I hate it.
    Just laid out the wiring harness in the frame and connected the obvious stuff, but of course there are leftover connectors. Hoping someone can assist with finding what they all go to as current status is battery is hooked up and there is no switch power.
    In the first photo is the back end of the harness and shows battery, start relay, and CDI. They were all pretty obvious connections. The second photo is the next connectors moving towards front of bike. One was obviously the rectifier, I am guessing the other may be tail light. I need confirmation of that. The third photo is of the mid bike connectors that all come off the back of motor. Most of these were pretty obvious again, but I have ended up with a black 2 prong connector vacant. Any thoughts as to what that might be? In the fourth photo there are the front connectors that go to handlebars, key switch, lights, coolant temp and fan, etc. I know the wires with red tape go to the headlights. Again, plugging in the obvious stuff has left me with open connectors. I thought there were three, but now that I added arrows to the photo, I only see two. Both are 2 prong male ends, one red, one black. I know there was a third. I still have not figured out what goes to radiator and fan. Actually this rad and fan comes off an 04 as I did not receive the original. Th 01 service manual mentions a temp sensor 1, a temp sensor 2, and the fan. That is 3 connections. My radiator only has 2 connect points. Is it possible that one of these 2 male connectors here attaches to the female connector in photo 3. How do I figure out which goes where? I have the wiring diagrams printed off but just not great working with them. Guidance is appreciated.
    I will be away and unable to check this forum till Monday. Thanks!
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