New here need help with 04 raptor 660
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Thread: New here need help with 04 raptor 660

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    New here need help with 04 raptor 660

    I recently acquired an 04 raptor 660 thats in great shape. Kid said he rolled it and was scared to get back on it so it just sat for months. Swore it would run, took his far no. I did the usual and cleaned the carbs, drained and cleaned the tank and petcock, cleaned the plug, checked wiring etc. Couldn't get it to even fire on starting fluid. Found an orange wire that was frayed on the cdi box, fixed that. Still nothing. Checked timing. Lined up the sight window with the “i” and made sure it was actually tdc with a screw driver. Opened up the valve cover and made sure the cam gear was aligned properly which I believe it was off. I now have the lobes facing down at tdc with the 3 dots properly aligned. Now i can get it to backfire out of the carb and or exhaust but still no fire just turns over. Mainly backfires with a lil throttle. Checked timing again and i noticed there is no mark on the chain to line up on the cam gear. Could i be off timing still or does it sound like another issue? Maybe valves? Im no master mechanic by any means so my work could be wrong but from what i have read up on i appear to be right. Anything i need to look for? Please help.
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