So I bought an 2003 raptor 686 from my school shop teacher, he races quads so he installed the big bore, but I bought it off of him and the first week or two it would start right up with no problems! But one day I took it out to the nearest trails with a bud and he took in through some mud and puddles and what not but he kept killing it out in the trails(I was able to hear) and I was waiting for him to get back he was taking awhile so I went in and searched for him and I found him pushing it back to the entrance and he told me that it wouldn't start up so at that time I assumed it overheated, I didn't think much of it! I let it cool off and tried starting it but nothing would happen, the head lights and the dash board lights worked perfectly fine the it refused to start so I pulled my vehicle up and tried jumping it and still nothing so I drug it back to my house and let it sit for a bit while I looked up what was wrong. I bought a new battery and tried it and it wouldn't start so I started jumping it directly, I'd get a pair of pliers and touch the starters solenoid terminals together and it would start up but and soon as I shut if off it wouldn't start back up. So I figured it was my battery so I charged it and the same thing happened I bought a new solenoid and installed it. It worked the first couple of times but than the same problem occurred. so I changed the fuses and rewired the battery cables and the solenoid cables and the only way it started was to put the pliers to it. Here recently I charged the battery completely and went riding with my buddy and I managed to keep my quad running expect for a couple time so I touched the pliers and it started back up. As soon as I rode it home and shut it off the solenoid locked up and after I would turn the quad off have the kill switch off and disconnect the solenoid the starter would still turn until the battery dies! I tried switching out the battery's but as soon and the positive cable touched the battery the starter would start turning and the heat from the cable melting my battery terminal! After that it has not turned on and I'm getting sick of it. What do I do? What do you recommend? I've cleaned the wires and all, switched out the terminals, bought a new battery, a new solenoid, new fuses! I know it's not the starter cause it turns perfectly fine when I use the pliers. Help please