660 Won't Start
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Thread: 660 Won't Start

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    660 Won't Start

    Hello. First post, new member.
    I have an 01 660 I bought this summer. It ran fine for about 5 hours. I changed the oil and fluids per manual. Rode afterwards fine for an hour, then PROBLEMS!!! It revved real high like throttle was stuck. Stopped it, restarted it and it was fine. Made it home. Started it up and still had a high rev. Waited a week to investigate now it won't start at all!! Read about reverse rev limiter mod, or maybe a clogged jet???
    Anybody, please help. I'm very mechanically inclined and carbs are coming off tomorrow to see what's up. It has K&N with no lid, FMF slip on, stock mid pipe, not sure about jets will know tomorrow. Thank you all, I love this machine.
    Also doing clutch upgrade as cash allows after hearing woes from the 01 weakness. Thanks again.

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    Your first problem is that K&N. Those filters let way to much crap through to be on any ATV unless you run strictly sand. Get a good oiled foam filter. That said, pull the carbs off and clean them. All the crap getting by could be causing an issue. Keep the large rubber boots away from any carb cleaner, they will swell. Clean them with soap and water. Then let us know if it still gives you issues after the carb clean.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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