Worrysome engine noise
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Thread: Worrysome engine noise

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    Worrysome engine noise

    I have a 2001 660R Raptor, its been my faithful beast and its given me very little trouble as the years have gone by. However, its been quite some time since I've actually taken the poor thing out for a good ride.

    When I did finally get the thing started (It started right up, no issues there. It is running a little weak though it doesn't like to idle) everything seemed fine, but when you rev it up it makes this....rattling/scraping noise. It sounds like its coming from the bottom, in the crankcase. It doesn't make this noise all the time, only at certain RPMs. If I had to guess it rattles at 3,000-3,500 area and rattles again a little above that. Other then that, it sounds fine.

    Is the ole' girl toast? Is there something I'm missing here? When I put it away for storage it ran great and had no problems and then suddenly it makes death noises when I finally start it up?

    Any advice/ideas help, thanks!

    (Raptor is pretty much stock, other then GYTR skids and a White Bros slip on muffler)

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    It could be almost anything. I would start by looking for something loose. I would suspect the motor last after a full once over.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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