660 Plastic Swap
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Thread: 660 Plastic Swap

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    Question 660 Plastic Swap

    Taken from my post on the other raptor forum
    "Okay so I am building a 660 from the frame up, and I am now searching for plastics. I want to put 2013-16 Raptor 700 plastics on so I can fit that clean looking radiator cover, and put 2017 RSE graphics on without a hitch. I've searched for a day or two and I see some people have had success, but I can't seem to find any advice on doing it. I'm only going to do the front plastic, but I'm curious if anyone has any insight on the process, and if i will need to do any welding and what not. Saw talk about fabricating brackets, but some specific info on the brackets would be great. Pictures are appreciated but an explanation is enough. Thanks "
    If anyone has done this or knows anything, some insight would be great. Will the 660 fender stays work for the 700 plastic if there was a little modification? Also if you know how the 700 plastic holes differ from the 660 plastic holes this would be helpful. This thing has the possibility to look sick, just need a little guidance on wether this is within the realm of sanity or not, Thanks a mil

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    First off, if you do the front you probably have to do the rear so they line up. Yes custom brackets will be needed, maybe even some new supports welded to the frame.

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