Project bike advice needed
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Thread: Project bike advice needed

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    Project bike advice needed

    Recently got my hands on a 2005 660 raptor. Has seen better days but is going ro be an ongoing project. I have a few questions/inputs which i would greatly appriciate ur advice.
    1) the largest/centre connector to the cdi is missing. The wiring harness has had the plug ends cut off. Where/how would i go about getting one of these plugs to rewire.

    2)have managed to get the bike running and it is ruunning extremely rich. Pulled carbs and found 165 and 170 mains with 30 pilots. After reading other posts on this forum i belive 150 155 mains and 25 pilots would be the go. Running k&n filter, holes drilled in airbox, full exhaust fmf header and ti-4 pro curcuit muffler. Would u agree with this baseline of jetting

    3)frame is cracked badly near gear selector. What would be the best way to weld up/reinforce this frame

    4) any other basic things u would recommend i check on this bike

    Have done the basic servicing oil,coolant,plug changed, cleaning intank fuel filter.

    I know im asking a lot of q's but trying to get this thing up and running well

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like its been beat hard. You could weld frame but it will need to be stripped down to do that. Or get a used frame from a salvage yard. If you weld frame make sure to disconnect all electronics from frame and grounds or you might fry them. Carbs probably need cleaned. You cant buy just plugs, you need to talk to a salvage yard about a used harness.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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