New found interest for my '01 !
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Thread: New found interest for my '01 !

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    New found interest for my '01 !

    Purchased my Raptor from a friend, that was the first owner about 10 years ago. It hardly had any miles on it. I then added a jet kit, Lexx slip on, 450 frnt shocks, rear lowering link, and geared it. I rode it for about 3-4 years, then lost interest. Just this year though, I got fired up about it and have been spending more time on it. Think it has something to do with being 49, I need to keep feeling young. I've been out of the ATV scene for a while so not sure what is even available for this old thing.

    So now I want to add some things all within a budget, since most of my cash has been blown on tricking out a side by side. At the moment my shocks are on the way to Jogaca , I added a steering stabilizer (cheaper one), plan on buying a tall desert seat (foam/cover) from Hi-Flite, and am thinking about a Rox Anti Vibe riser. I'm also really wanting some bead locks but not sure if it is in the budget. Basically I'd rather spend money on things that will improve my ride , how the machine runs then on something that I won't even notice except for looks. Been looking at the Rogue standard wheel, or the Goldspeed. As much as I'd love some Alba's , I'm not spending that kind of money , same reason my RZR doesn't have beadlocks.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Sell it and buy a raptor 700.

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