Parts recommendation for a daily commuter
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Thread: Parts recommendation for a daily commuter

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    Parts recommendation for a daily commuter

    Yes, I am completely insane. Please listen to me and help me anyway.

    I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I drive a 2007 Raptor 700R. I absolutely love this machine! It is a lot of first things for me, and it's an absolute joy. I drive this basically 7 days a week. It's usually for short stints, 20-30 minutes driving at a time. I go to work, go to the store. Sometimes I take my girlfriend into the provinces and have a picnic.
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    Seriously though, parts are impossible to get locally. I'm trying to make one big amazon order and eat the shipping. I'm brand new to all of this, so I would like your advice on what parts to get. Like usual, I want to find the cross section between not wasting money and not buying cheap parts that cause future problems (like aluminum sprockets, apparently).

    Phnom Penh is dusty and dirty. There are paved streets but they are often in disrepair. It is basically all year and very humid (imagine Miami, FL with a monsoon season). So, the weather conditions are not fun (but also kind of why ATVs are perfect). Traffic is damn miserable. Everyone drives like a selfish prick and there is very little road etiquette. Everybody jams their nose in which means there is a ton of start and stop and inching forward traffic (which is just hell on the clutch).
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    I found an absolutely amazing mechanic who has done great work on it so far. I asked him for a list of parts to get and this is what he recommended:
    1. Front and back wheels
    2. Air Filter (Foam)
    3. Spark plug
    4. Front and back brake pads
    5. Chain and sprocket
    6. Oil dip stick

    Thanks for helping a crazy American live it up in a foreign land.
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    I'd go with everything your mechanic recommended...not sure though if you're asking what aftermarket parts to buy to make your bike better or what parts to stock up on for future repair. If you can clarify I can point you in a better direction.

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    In those conditions I would get a good quality foam filter and filter oil as you mention above. What about oil and filters? Can you get the proper stuff there? When you say wheels, do you mean tires? I am just trying to think of all the consumables.

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    Lots of different options out there I'm kinda of in the same boat. I'm going to be building my 08 700rse into a trail/pit machine so it would be a different build than you.... usually I read to get a steering stabilizer. Some good bars and grips, better clutch perch, do the BIG 3 (exhaust,intake, & EFI controller), if you do alot of reversing I would get a DRD reverse kit, after the big 3 change front sprocket to a 15 tooth sprocket, tires are your choice I'm getting 23s for the front and 22s for the back give it a little more clearance. If you want a more stable ride you can get +2 a-arms and +4-+6 swing arm with a wider axle. Nerf bars are an option not sure what style you like. You can change the rear grab bar out to a cooler rack or a bigger rack for more luggage. Just some ideas hope it helps.

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