Help!!! 2006 Raptor acting weird after valve adjustment
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Thread: Help!!! 2006 Raptor acting weird after valve adjustment

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    What’s up guys! I have a 2006 Raptor 700 that I’ve had since day one. It has a hmf bill balance full exhaust and a pro design air filter kit. I’ve never had an issue with my bike until now. I took it into a local shop to get a valve adjustment since I’ve never got one before (I know, really over due) and once it was done brought it back home. I unloaded it from the trailer and tried taking it down the street and complete failure. I get like 2 minutes down the road and it starts sputtering and back firing. It finally made one big pop and died. It wouldn’t start anymore, so after doing a bit of research I read that the spark plug could of been the issue. I changed the spark plug and the bike finally starts again but still not happy with how it’s acting. My raptor has never fouled a spark plug and what are the chances that it starts right after the valve adjustment. Also after idling for a couple minutes the headers get cherry red. Whats also weird is after hitting the throttle, it stays at a higher idle for a few seconds then calms down to regular idle. The reason this is weird to me is because it’s never acted like this before. Of course I plan to take it back to the shop that worked on it on Monday to see if there is an issue with the valve adjustment they did, but would like some input of what you guys think the issue could be.

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    I would not touch it again and take it back to the shop. Obviously they did something wrong.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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