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Thread: Selecting a filter

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    Selecting a filter

    Hi everyone,

    As I said in my intro thread, my Raptor is very new to me. And, like any pre-owned vehicle, it requires certain basic maintenance.
    I was wondering, what kind of air filter would you recommend? It is an '06 Raptor 700, and I don't want to go with a KN.
    I found 2 that seem to be okay but wanted to ask you before buying 1.
    Pro Design -
    DuraBlue -

    Thanks for any comments, folks.

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    It all depends on your riding conditions. The only riding conditions that I would ever use a K&N in would be sand. K&N are terrible and probably should never been on any off road anything. They let tons of fine dust past. For any kind of dusty or dirt conditions your options are both good. An oiled foam filter is second best to a paper filter. I always liked the Prodesign setup, your first link. The Prodesign comes with an intake adapter and the filter clamps onto that. Not sure how the other one attaches.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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