I'm slow please help.
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Thread: I'm slow please help.

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    I'm slow please help.

    I bought a 2011 700r and my brother bought a 2016 700. Our first time out naturally we drag raced and he smoked me. Ok it's way newer and wasnt rode as hard and long as my well abused used 2011 (i had to replace many wear and tear parts due to previous owners abuse/neglagence) so it made sense he should beat me. Then he bought an hmf slip on so I figured I better do something if I want to keep up, I bought barkers duals, a fuel customs filter and pcv with autotune. Everything is in and running well but this weekend we did a poker run up north and even with the three mods on mine we were dead even from a dig to top end. I just dont get it. Is my tuner not doing its job? Did I do something wrong? His 2016 also seems much snappier and responsive where mine feels a little forgiving/old/tired. I'm just a little burnt that i spent ~$1800 on fixing my used bike and then adding mods and still my brothers 2016 bike is still just as fast with nothing but a slip on. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Switch riders and see if he beats you on your own bike while you are on his. Then check gearing. If all is the same do a compression test. Its possible your motor needs a refresh.

    Coop we miss you brother..

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