The final 2 bikes have been chosen and now its your turn to make the final decision. The three selections in no particular order are:

**If any of the three nominees want to add any pics or descriptions at any time let me know**


'06 700 Based model

Mod List:

JSR exhaust
Stellar Swingarm
Fireball A arms
Marvin Shaw shocks

Attachment 19607Attachment 19608Attachment 19609


'08 700 Based Model

Mod List:

HK 45 Nut
2002 719
Ace Fab +2+1 arms with 450 shocks
LSR front hubs
LSR brake line clamps
LSR steering stem
over sized oil tank
Barker +4 crank/ 102mm CP11:1 piston
Monster Pipes
Ferria +1 valves
HR STG3 cam with springs
Custom Seat
2001 polished sub frame, waiting to get it back.
FullBore plastic
Father time +6 swing arm with rebuilt shock
LSR rear hubs
LSR 3+3 axle
LSR sprocket and brake hub
Dura-blue adjustable link[/IMG][/URL]