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  1. Raptor 250 General
    hi all im currently running my 250 with a big gun evo r full system exhaust, gytr air filter and adaptor plate with a standard air box with lid on , I have gytr jets installed as per the instructions with the jets, (what Yamaha recommend) and the fuel screw out 2 turns and when the engine is...
  2. Raptor 250 General
    was wondering what CDI to get for my sons raptor 250. help please
  3. Raptor 250 General
    does anyone know of anyother adjustable shock that will bolt on a 250 raptor (other than aftermarket) for example--300ex shock work on it or a bike bike shock????
  4. Raptor 250 General
    Check out this kid! This is Denny, I’ve been giving him little pointers here and there and he has just taken off. In the time I’ve known him he has progressed amazingly fast. So check out his video and give him some love. Rate comment and subscribe to his channel. Wheelies are so fun! :rockon:
1-4 of 4 Results