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  1. Raptor 700 Mods
    So I want to widen my stock Raptor, but I dont want to drop it because I heard you can't use your Raptor as intensely after lowering it. Any suggestions as to what I need to buy and prices would be much appreciated.
  2. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Okay, i am new here, so bare with me. I have a 2005 raptor and i was looking over the bike while it was on the jack and noticed something odd......The rear sprocket moves side to side. And when i gently kicked the tire the whole axle slide over a little and the rear sprocket didnt have anymore...
  3. Raptor 660 General
    I was lubricating my chain on my 2002 raptor 660 and jacked up the rear hub and noticed the axle wobbles up and down, as though you held the middle of a pencil between your fingers and made it go up and down on each side. I tried pulling the axle left to right and it doesn't move that way at...
  4. Raptor 700 Mods
    I currently have a hmf full system,pcv,and fci.I'm adding a dynatek programmable and switching to duals of some kind.I want my fourwheeler to feel more pissed much difference will I notice?I also ordering a arms and axle plus two inches each side.
  5. Raptor 700 Mods
    Hey guys,I got a trail raptor.check sig for mods.what needs to be done to race flat track?I also wnna be able to take corners insanely fast.I'm a heavy rider at 200 pounds.I was looking at front wheel hub extension new rear axle extended and flip rear link.would that work for suspension?and what...
  6. Part and Bikes For Sale
    I have a stock air filter and box and intake tube kit.stock exhaust.phoenix exhaust insert new in box.intake and exhaust have 2000 miles on them.I also have stock tires 20% tread in back 65% tread in front.would sell or trade for shocks a arms axles or whatever you may have?shoot me an...
  7. Part and Bikes For Sale
    RPM Dominator II Axle 700raptor Excelent condition SOLD PLEASE DELETE I have this posted on a couple sites, so the best way to get a hold of me is email. It should be listed in my profile, but if its not, PM me and ill send it. (Phone number too) My Ebay account is Vze2hrpm, with 100%...
1-7 of 7 Results