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clutch and brake levers

  1. ASV Lever, Clutch perch, dust cover for sale

    Raptor 660 Mods
    Items for sale: ASV Pro Clutch perch and dust cover (new). ASV C6 Brake lever (new). Both items were purchased for Raptor 660. See them listed on EBay: ASV C6 Brake Lever Yamaha Quad | eBay ASV Pro Clutch Perch and Dust Cover | eBay Contact me with any questions. Derek
  2. 660 slips in second only????

    Raptor 660 General
    my 660 slips when i get on it in second gear and only that gear. what would cause this? the clutch is a driveline performance clutch and only a few months old.
  3. Brake and clutch levers

    Post questions, comments and ideas here
    What levers fit an 06 raptor do any of the other Yamaha range fit.? Looking for gold 3 finger adjustables