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  1. Big bore stroker kit

    Raptor 700 Mods
    Raptor 700 780cc 105 5mm Big Valve Hotrods Hotcams Big Bore Stroker Kit | eBay I found this kit online and it seems like everything id need but i just want to check with the group what they think? If i do purchase this will it need a valve job? I'd like to get a kit that is all bolt on and...
  2. Looking for Barker +4 crank

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Im rebuilding my 660 and I want a Barker +4 Crank. Also I am looking for valves and stage 2 valve springs.
  3. 15 mil Barker Crank (Raptor 700)

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    15 mil Barker crank for sale. $425 shipped
  4. Upgrade just the piston?

    Raptor 700 Mods
    So I don’t know much about the motor like the crank and the piston + this and + that. My question is would I get more HP in just replacing the piston? Then I wouldn’t have to split the case witch I don’t want to do. Would it make that much of a difference? Would it be worth it not changing the...