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  1. Raptor 700 Mods
    I'm staying with the stock bore and want to get opinions on Nikasil vs Steel sleeve. millennium Technologies does the Nikasil and Geisik does the steel sleeve. Please chime in. Thank you.
  2. Raptor 660 General
    I've got the cylinder off my 660 and it needs to be cleaned up. But what's the best way to hone it for a new wiseco piston and rings? Which grit would be best for the cylinder?
  3. Part and Bikes For Sale
    Asking $150 or trade for something This is a used cylinder in excellent condition. This cylinder was only ran for one season and has about 50 hours on it. Please call, text, or email me anytime. 801-643-6299
  4. Part and Bikes For Sale
    PISTON SOLD I have a Racer's Edge CP 14:1 compression ratio 102mm bore for sale and a 102mm cylinder. No oil burning with either of these parts. I ride at 6k+ so I ran 75% race and 25% pump 91 with this piston. This piston really woke my +1 head up!! The piston has maybe 20 hours on it...
  5. Part and Bikes For Sale
    Have a 105.5mm cylinder with a JE piston for sale for a 700 Raptor. Both are in excellent condition. $250.00 SHIPPED .
1-5 of 5 Results