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  1. Raptor 700 Mods
    I have an 07 raptor with dmc force 4 duals, stage 2 hotcam, k and n filter and adapter, and hmf optimizer for the efi. Its hmf because i had a single hmf exhaust and recently put the duals on. When i get topped out and its held there for about 30-45 seconds it cuts out. im assuming it has to...
  2. Raptor 700 Mods
    Hey guys im new to the forum...and this is my first post lol. But anywho im about to get an 08 Raptor 700 SE all stock in real good condition. I want to put a set of duals on. Im leaning towards the dmc force 4s in black. I already have a pc3, Does anyone know if theres a place to get the a pipe...
  3. Raptor 700 Mods
    I currently have a hmf full system,pcv,and fci.I'm adding a dynatek programmable and switching to duals of some kind.I want my fourwheeler to feel more pissed much difference will I notice?I also ordering a arms and axle plus two inches each side.
  4. Part and Bikes For Sale
    Ive got a set of duals that are made from high grade stainless. They are made by Slim660 over on They have custom heat shields and make sweet power!!!! Will trade for a good single pipe or slip on (slip on must be new for straight trade, or in really good shape) $325 shipped to...
  5. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm looking for a used set of duals for a raptor 700. I'd like Barkers or Force 4's, but would also possibly be interested in monster duals or trinity. If you have something, please shoot me a PM with a price, condition, etc. Looking to get something soon! Thanks in advance Nick
  6. Raptor 700 General
    i own a 2009 raptor 700 special edition. i have been looking at exhaust for weeks. im not sure what to buy single or duals? i want to get the most horsepower but is the extra money work for the duals actually worth the 2 or 3 horsepower gain? let me know what u think. thanks
1-6 of 6 Results