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  1. Raptor 660 General
    Hi Folks My raptor seems to be dying at idle after being ridden very hard -under normal riding conditions it idles fine without any problems. After dying it takes a few turns of the starter for the motor to run. My initial thoughts was that it was overheating but when checking the rad-fan I...
  2. Raptor 700 Maintenance
    Hey guys I just recently bought a Yoshimura Rs-2 slip on exhaust on my 2011 raptor 700, and was told I didn't have to remap it because its only a slip on. So now when I start it occasionally it will start sound fine for about 30 secs then die, but if I give it a rev or 2 it runs/sounds fine...
  3. Raptor 700 General
    Riding Last Weekend and every time I get the front of the quad wet it stalls and takes 10+ minutes to start?? Checked all the wires and they are in good shape, no nicks or cuts anywhere. Pretty mechanical guy but wiring and electrics are not my thing. Anyone run across this before and if so...
1-3 of 3 Results