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  1. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I'm Based in the UK I bought a raptor 660 X reg (UK) It had a bad second gear as it was slipping really bad. I took the engine apart right down to the middle casings and looked at the gears to see if there was anything wrong with them and found that the gears were absolutely fine and nothing...
  2. Raptor 700 General
    So i thought my clutch had given up on me... Turns out it was that little gear inside the clutch cover... where can i buy that and what exactly is it called???
  3. Raptor 660 General
    Whats up guys ? I'm new here and I have a bit of a problem on my 660r, here's the thing.. my bike backfires and stalls when i give it full throttle whenever im on a gear passed second gear.. I talked to a mechanic about the possibilities of it being a carb issue but he claims that he is 80% sure...
  4. Raptor 660 General
    Hi, Anyone have any ideas for gear bag(s) on a 2002 yamaha raptor 660? Thinking of something that would mount on the rear grab bar, doesn't have to be huge. Saw the over tank bags, but I don't have an exhaust shield on my pipes and not sure how far down the ones on ebay hang. If anyone has...
1-4 of 4 Results