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  1. Show off your Raptor Here
    hello to all friends, I am Joseph and I write from Italy, I wanted to show you my Raptor and all the changes that I made ​​on him in several months, I hope you like it: YAMAHA RAPTOR 660 R 2004 Engine: • 666cc • 5 valve • 4 stroke • Silmotor double exhaust collectors • Silmotor Muffler...
  2. Raptor 250 General
    hi all im currently running my 250 with a big gun evo r full system exhaust, gytr air filter and adaptor plate with a standard air box with lid on , I have gytr jets installed as per the instructions with the jets, (what Yamaha recommend) and the fuel screw out 2 turns and when the engine is...
  3. Raptor 660 General
    Hi, I just started my 2002 Raptor 660 up in the cold winter weather, and noticed what looked like exhaust leaking out between my header pipe and GYTR slip on exhaust. Would this cause damage to the engine? I read on some websites that there is some sort of gasket that goes in between the...
  4. Raptor 250 General
    Hello What is the disadvantage and advantage of remove GYTR muffler packing? Please
  5. Part and Bikes For Sale
    This set up is from my '08 700R SE. It has 2hrs. on it at the most. I bought/installed it just so I could try out my Barkers and PCMIII. The next day my CFM Airbox/filter showed up. Now I'm trying to sell my stock airbox complete with GYTR Filter and Adapter. (Sorry no outer filter) $80 for...
1-5 of 5 Results