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  1. Raptor 350 Mods
    I have an 07 350 i bought it with a blown motor. I have an 85mm piston and cylinder bored. I wanted to make it a stroker but all the stroker cranks and connecting rods from hotrods say i have to use a hotrod pistion. Can i use the new 85mm pistion i have or do i have to buy a hotrod pistion? All...
  2. Part and Bikes For Sale
    Well, the time has come to sell the wife's Raptor 350. Just found out Wed. she pregnant with our first, so she can't ride anymore, and won't after it's born. Bike is all stock, only been rode once since purchase in December. Asking $3500, buyer pays shipping, if not local. PM me for pics, or...
1-2 of 2 Results