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  1. jetting my mod 660.. help???

    Raptor 660 Mods
    I just made some mods to my 2001 raptor 660 engine and I need some advice with jetting. I found a few jetting kits but don't know wich one could fit best. My engine: Wiseco high compression +20mm bore Hot Cam stage 2 cam with springs and retainers Hot Cam kit for stage 2 Ported head with stock...
  2. Raptor 660 Air screws frozen in carbs

    Raptor 660 General
    I have a 660 I am working on that had the gas left in it all winter. The air screws are frozen solid in the carbs and will not turn at all. I have soaked them in WD40, and I will be trying PB Blaster with heat tonight. I was also thinking about boiling the carbs to try and get them loose. Any...