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  1. Tachometer for raptor 700

    Raptor 700 General
    I'm thinking about getting a tachometer for my 07 rappy. But I'm not sure what to get. I would rather have an analog tach than a digital one. But those seem to be more expensive. Any ideas?
  2. 2009 Raptor 700 SE

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    I have a stock 2009 Raptor 700 Special Edition with 30hours on it, still has the chalk on the tires. I don't really want to get rid of it but i'm in the need for $$$ so feel free to make an offer, the price is definitely negotiable so don't be scared to offer an amount, i'll be willing to...
  3. MSD

    Raptor 700 General
    Hi all, its been a while! What's up with this MSD thing I keep hearing about?
  4. CDI box for 250 raptor

    Raptor 250 General
    was wondering what CDI to get for my sons raptor 250. help please
  5. Yfz Shocks

    Raptor 700 Mods
    Hey this might have been asked before but are there any years of yfz shocks that will fit right onto an 08 raptor 700? I have an 05 yfz 450 with ishox and i was wondering if its possible to switch them.
  6. An 08 R1 in an 04 Raptor

    Show off your Raptor Here
    The R-1 Raptor is back this year with a 2008 engine with less than 5000 miles on it. A few new mods and a few more bugs worked out. He'll be out at Little Sahara and Sand Hollow, just listen for him!
  7. 2007 vs 2008 Raptor 700r?

    Raptor 700 General
    Hey, new to these forums, I'm from Australia and I am tossing up between an 07' and an 08' Raptor 700r. There is only a difference of $500 AUD between the two and they are both decent in quality / they have been looked after. What are the differences between these two? Is it worth the extra...

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    Asking $150 or trade for something This is a used cylinder in excellent condition. This cylinder was only ran for one season and has about 50 hours on it. Please call, text, or email me anytime. 801-643-6299

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    Asking $150.00 or trade for some smooth buff 21x7x10 These are JJandA's super light weight front tires. They are 18.5x5x10. They would be great for a spindle mount wheel. Please call, text, or email anytime! 801-643-6299 Thanks for looking!

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    Asking $600.00 This is a slightly used Boss Noss Nitrous System. I used it for one season and only shot nitrous a few times when I was drag racing. This kit will cost you over $750.00 plus tax brand new! I am also adding a 10lb Sniper refuel bottle that I paid $175.00 plus tax for and a 30...
  11. Duel in the Desert: Ford SVT Raptor vs. Mopar Ram Runner

    Pictures and Videos
    It’s the match up we’ve all been waiting for. gathered two decorated off-road vehicles – the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and the Ram Runner by Mopar — to compete a head to head competition. Off-road racer and professional driver, Chad Ragland, put the two vehicles to the test on a...
  12. Newbie! Help with front wheels.

    Raptor 660 General
    Hello! I'm new to this site, i recently purchased a semi built 2005 Raptor 660. It came with sand paddles on it and DWT wheels? Here's the question. I'm looking for a set of DIRT tires with wheels for it, I've found alot of stock wheels and tires, but the problem is my front wheels are 3...
  13. Do nerf bars add to over all width?

    Raptor 660 Mods
    I am looking at getting some nerf bars for my 2002 yamaha raptor 660r. I am wondering if they add to the overall width of the atv? Reason I ask is I put the quad in the back of my 2001 F-150 supercrew truck. Already need to have the tailgate down on the short box to make it fit. Was looking...
  14. Wanted: Aftermarket Rear Shock For 2006 Raptor 700

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Wanted: Aftermarket Rear shock for 2006 raptor 700! Lemme know what you guys got! Might buy it if price is right, text me (702)743-0635. PayPal ready!:banana:
  15. raptor250 rear shock

    Raptor 250 General
    does anyone know of anyother adjustable shock that will bolt on a 250 raptor (other than aftermarket) for example--300ex shock work on it or a bike bike shock????
  16. Valve open/close timing

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hey there, this is my first post here :thumb: I have a 2002 Raptor 660, and I was wondering if anyone knew the valve timing and overlapping. I am going to build an exhaust for my bike this weekend, and I would like to now the timing for back pressure and pipe size reasons. (I know that a...
  17. 2005 Craptor-Tron

    Show off your Raptor Here
    it's really nothing fancy, but like a paid escort, she gets the job done. and doesn't talk either. My first 660. i sold it got a predator 500, loved the speed, hated the ride quality, traded it for the black one above. like a cadillac on the trails ;)
  18. For Sale: Rappy Stock Air Box w/Lid (SOLD)

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    i have a stock air box w/lid in good shape for sale. I have pics if you want to see it send me your email address and i will email it to you or i can text it too. Asking $50 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  19. Vs. Predator?

    Raptor 660 General
    Hey guys, this is my first post, but been a member for a bit now. Mostly lurking. :blahblah: Here's my question, two of my bros have 2006 500cc predators and they place a pretty good ace whooping on my 2005 660r on the flats especially up top. I get them from a dig up to about mid-way then...
  20. FS: Used K&N Intake Kit (SOLD)

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    Includes the billet adaptor K&N filter Outerwear I can't use this one i need a foam filter setup for the type of riding i do on trails. Lots of fine dust. This would be best for a sand rider. $65 includes shipping to lower 48 states. Or would consider trade for Monster intake or pro design foam...