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  1. fox, pro armour, hmf parts for sale (SOLD)

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    I have a few left over parts off my race quad i raced 1 season and the parts are in great condition here is what i have.. 2010 Fox Podium X rear shock has less than 4 races on it and was set up for stock swingarm and mx racing valved for 160-200lbs i have the original box and packaging and...
  2. Raptor 700 Parts: Hubs, A-arm, Shocks, Etc

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    These parts came off an 2006 700. Front Brake Lines- Had to get longer ones. Should come with banjo bolts and copper washers. $45 shipped Front Hubs. The bearings are ok but starting to feel slightly rough. $40 shipped each or both for $70 shipped with new bearing kits included...
  3. 660 Suspension Parts !

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    Hey, I've got a few parts laying around I'd like to sell if anyone's in need: OEM Front Shocks w/ white springs: $50 (SOLD)OEM Front Shocks w/ Yellow springs OEM Swinger w/carrier: $100 OEM Swinger (scratches where bearings go): $30 (SOLD)OEM A-arms (full set of 4)w/tie rods, Front...
  4. rear shocks

    Raptor 700 Suspension
    ok so last weekend i blew out my rear shock in a race and i was wndering what would be better to get my shock revalved and a new spring or to buy a new shock? i weigh about 260 with all my gear and race motocross and i know the stock shock is not really ment for that so i was wondering what my...