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  1. Raptor not starting after coolant flush

    Raptor 660 General
    I juat flushed and cleaned my coolant system. I emptied the radiator. Then I dumped distilled water through the radiator and had it drained out the bottom. I proceeded to put in the drain plug and put in some distilled vinegar and distilled water and started it up. Ran for about a minute...
  2. 2005 Raptor dying at idle after some hard-riding

    Raptor 660 General
    Hi Folks My raptor seems to be dying at idle after being ridden very hard -under normal riding conditions it idles fine without any problems. After dying it takes a few turns of the starter for the motor to run. My initial thoughts was that it was overheating but when checking the rad-fan I...
  3. 04 Raptor 660 Starter Issue

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Recently I went for a ride and on the way back from the trails it started storming really bad and on the way back to the trailor there is a long straight where I opened it up through all 5 gears. I parked it for a few minutes until the storm passed over and when I went to start it up to pull it...
  4. bent starter gear. . . . . why?

    Raptor 660 General
    So starter spun freely but odd time it would catch. Read some posts about my symptoms and had a few second opions and determined it was the one way and strater clutch. Tore it apart and found that the starter clutch was bent real bad. I noticed there was no needle bearing between the crankshaft...
  5. 2002 raptor 660 starter spins freely

    Raptor 660 General
    Hi all, new to the forum as well as my raptor. I know, I know this topic has been brought up many times. I have been searching and I think the problem is my one way starter clutch. Heres the deal. like the title says. I go to fire the bike up and the starter just spins freely and doesnt...