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  1. raptor80 camber off

    Raptor 50, 80 and 90 General
    I have an `03 raptor. When looking at the font wheels the camber is positive (top of wheels tilted out). This seems to be make it a bit unstable for quick turns. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. WTB raptor 700 or yfz450 steering stem

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm looking to get an aftermarket (Lonestar, Housier, etc.) steering stem. I need a +2 from a yfz450, or +1 for a raptor 700. Please let me know what you have, and a price. Email nick_honda_11 at hotmail dot com , or text 573 535 nine955 with pics and condition/price Thanks!!!
  3. Aftermarket steering stems

    Raptor 700 General
    I figured out probably “one” of the reasons why people get aftermarket steering stems rather than use the stock ones. I washed my Raptor and put it away wet and was looking it over a couple of days later and noticed rust spots on my arms and around the front end. I investigated and it was coming...