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  1. Part and Bikes For Sale
    hey I have a chrome lonestar swing arm I may consider selling just paid 400.00 from my dad, so if you want it its yours trying to get pics but its hard. id say its an 7.5 out of ten . it is perfact for a nice rider but im picky and it has been used a lil. still nice and shinny though HIT ME UP...
  2. Raptor 700 Mods
    hey guys I have a plus4 chrome swingarm to a raptor700 its pretty nice not spotless but close. like 8 out of 10 ........ has some use on it but its rare unless u want to pay 800 for one asking 450.00 shipped
  3. Raptor 660 General
    I was lubricating my chain on my 2002 raptor 660 and jacked up the rear hub and noticed the axle wobbles up and down, as though you held the middle of a pencil between your fingers and made it go up and down on each side. I tried pulling the axle left to right and it doesn't move that way at...
  4. Part and Bikes For Sale
    +6 Swingarm, no pivot bearings, drag race only, weighs 7lbs... $300 shipped
  5. Show off your Raptor Here
    :thumb:A few early crappy cell phone pics of my new swingarm. Thanks Tim! I love it!
  6. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Send pics, price and location. PayPal only. [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results