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  1. Transmission Gear Problem- Cannot find any threads that help

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I'm Based in the UK I bought a raptor 660 X reg (UK) It had a bad second gear as it was slipping really bad. I took the engine apart right down to the middle casings and looked at the gears to see if there was anything wrong with them and found that the gears were absolutely fine and nothing...
  2. 2006 Raptor 700 Transmission

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    Selling my transmission from a part out. The gears are in excellent condition. Please Call/text me at 919-seven one zero-9112.
  3. Help me brothers! Question by transmission

    Raptor 700 Mods
    Where to buy enhanced transmission at 700 raptor? There exist? In my Raptor 84 horsepower! Stock transmissions can not withstand the load and transmission breaks 1st gear
  4. raptor 660 transmission failure

    660 Specific "How-to"
    i need some help on how to repair a broken 2nd gear in my raptor 660. i have already removed the motor.
  5. Will this mess up my fourwheeler?

    Raptor 700 General
    Hey guys,I got a three mod Rappy and love to ride wheelies.I shift on a wheelie with no clutch but I don't rev to the moon or lug it.will this mess up my tranny?none of my friends use clutch on wheelies niether.thanks.