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  1. Stock 08 Raptor 700 Head TRADE for ported head and I will add cash.

    Part and Bikes For Sale
    I have a stock 08 Raptor 700 head looking to trade for a Dune or Drag Ported head and I will add cash if necessary. I am located in Central Valley California for Local Meetups or Can do Paypal. Thanks.
  2. Big bore stroker kit

    Raptor 700 Mods
    Raptor 700 780cc 105 5mm Big Valve Hotrods Hotcams Big Bore Stroker Kit | eBay I found this kit online and it seems like everything id need but i just want to check with the group what they think? If i do purchase this will it need a valve job? I'd like to get a kit that is all bolt on and...
  3. 2005 raptor 660 tune up help

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hey I just bought a 2005 raptor 660. It was a good deal, clean and appeared to me taken care of. Well i just installed new brake pads and changed the oil and oil filter. It smokes a little blue and some black with hard throttle. It's not too bad but it does it when it's hot too. So my guess it...
  4. Looking for Barker +4 crank

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Im rebuilding my 660 and I want a Barker +4 Crank. Also I am looking for valves and stage 2 valve springs.
  5. Maybe Obvious Questions?

    Raptor 700 General
    I have Questions…If you feel like responding cool, if not, ok. Things in the forum I’ve read and wondering about. - For +1 valves does the head have to be machined bigger? - What is a +1 head? Thanks, I might have some more. :rockon: