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“How To” Section Guide Lines –

The idea behind this section is to give you the most detailed, step by step, easy to follow directions with helpful pictures showing how to modify your Raptor. This section is ONLY for mods that you do to your Raptor. There is a “Maintenance” section for routine maintenance that needs to be done. Any member can post a “How To” but what we are looking for is the “Best” detailed directions on how to perform the modification. We would like to follow a simple format when posting in this section.

What tools are needed – List all tools needed for the modification, especially if any special tools are required. (Pictures are always helpful)

Time needed for modification – Now this will vary depending on the tools that are available and your mechanical ability. Please give us a “ballpark” on how long it should take to perform the modification, so everybody can allow enough time to perform it.

Directions – Please give detailed, step by step directions, starting with the most basic function. ie. how/where to remove your seat. Don’t take for granted that just because someone has the money to buy a Raptor that they no which end is which.

If you have any questions about this section, feel free to contact any of the site’s moderators.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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