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I have an '01 660r that I have completely apart currently, and would like to throw in whatever performance mods I can while I have it apart. I had a stock raptor before this, and this one is definitely faster than my old one. It has a stage 1 hot cam, stock carb, stock jets, stock bore 100mm piston, and I was told it has the '03 tranny gears swap, but I have no idea how to tell (does anyone know how to tell?). It's fast, but my buddy just bought a stock yfz 450r and I'd like to keep up with him or be a little faster if I can.

There are a lot of opinions on here what the best mods are, and I've read a million posts about what the best options are. I'd like to get some opinions based on the following: I will be doing all work by myself, so labor isnt a factor price-wise. I'd like to keep parts under or around $1000.

With that in mind, what mods will get me the most power staying with the stock carbs? I talked to a few performance shops and they keep telling me to upgrade to FCRs, but I just dont have that kind of cash. I was thinking of porting/polishing stocks carbs and head, going with a 686 11:1 rebuild kit with a stage 2 hotcam, bigger jets. From what I understand, stage 1 is more low end, and stage 2 is more top end.

Or, if im staying with the stock carbs, should I just go with bigger jets and a different cam and ported/polished head/carb? Should I consider anything to do with front/rear sprocket sizes when upgrading engine power? I know there are guys on here who have done a million builds and have found out by trial and error what the best combos are, so I'm hoping some of them will be able to weigh in here.
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