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Hey guys! I am new here.

I have a 660 in which I was trying to sell so I could get a dirt bike. I had this kid and his dad come out and take a look at it to buy.

Kid immediately jumps on it and fires it up. Pulls it off the porch, does some donuts on it. Pulls it back next to his dad and I after 7-9 minutes of running it. We’re all sitting there talking etc, the kid is on the bike playing with the throttle, kill switch etc while the bike was off for the next 15 minutes. The Dad ask if I had ramps to load it etc. kid goes to fire it up and it turns over a few times and the smell of fuel hits you.. flooded!! Next thing you know the bendix? In the starter won’t engage. They decide they don’t want it and leave..

At this point I’m pissed off.

I push the bike in the street and have the other half start pulling me as I’m trying to dump the clutch in 3rd? It tries to start as it back fires several time but nothing.

Go around the block and back to the house. I pulled the plug and it’s dry. I sand between the plug gap, clean it with carb cleaner and back in it goes. Start pulling it again. It fires up but running rough and vibrating pretty bad. It still idles. Ran it back to the house low on power and running rough. Get home and this is the video.

Any help would be great! I’m thinking possibly a broken/ bent valve?

Of course no response from the kid or his dad.
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