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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are able to assist me in a problem I’m facing with my new 2013 raptor 350.

My wife bought it for me for Xmas. She went with her brother who rides and owns quads/dirt bikes for almost his entire lifetime and has a raptor 700 currently.. And couldn’t believe how clean and well maintained it was and said she got a good deal for the 350.

Long story short I get it for Xmas .. Couple days later I take her out for a few rides and everything starts up fine idles and every few days I’ll start her take her for a ride (she’s kept in a heated garage)

With that being said the only thing that was mentioned to me was down the line I should get a new battery since the original is probably what is inside it. So a few weeks later here in NJ it got super cold in the teens. And I would try to start her up. And would take a while but it’ll turn over. Anyways we had a few warm days and i tried to take her out for another ride and noticed it wouldn’t turn over when i used the electric start and if it did turn over it Room a few times more than what it should’ve. So i go out buy another new factory Yuasa YTZ10s battery thinking maybe the battery is just dying out.

Than I go to start her up and she’ll idle for a few mins but once i rev her with the throttle she’ll putter out and turn off. When I try to go and start her again I would hear clicking or ticks coming from the battery or solenoid area near the battery?

So logically speaking i ruled out the battery as the culprit because it’s brand new. So I’ve done some research and now it could possibly be the solenoid/ or starter that could be going bad. Who know maybe there is a loose wiring somewhere as well. But I’m not threat electrically keen to know what the issues so i start with what i know I can fix mechanically without taking it anywhere first. I feel
Comfortable enough changing the fuses or the solenoid. However when it comes to the starter switch or anything else like wiring I’m complete noob.

So I’m wondering if anyone maybe experienced the same issues and or can help guide me in the right direction of what the problem could be. If needed I can take a video and post a YouTube link to this thread tomorrow.

So thank you for any help/future help from anyone that can assist me in the right direction. As you can see in the pics she’s very well maintained and kept clean.

- Steve


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Welcome, first thing never assume a new battery is fully charged. I would get a battery tender and put the tender on the battery when ever you are not using the quad. This is where I would start. Next I would check all the battery connections. Make sure the battery terminals are not stripped out and are nice and tight. After that you can start to think about other things. But start there first.
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