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I picked up a used Raptor 700 with a bad motor really cheap. The guy that sold it to me said it needed a new crank. My plan for it is to get a 11.1:1 Cp piston so I can run pump gas on it, PC5, FCI intake without the box, +3 throttle body, +1 valves, cam, Monster exhaust, get the crank rebuilt, Hinson clutch, new oil pump, new water pump, Oem gaskets, AIS block off. The Raptor is at the shop now. My mechanic called me yesterday and said that the cylinder was bad. If I wanted to do a big bore kit on it now would be the time to get it.

I want to build a bullet proof engine well at least some thing that's going to last me for a while. I don't have a hp target. I just want something with good hp that will last me. I do a lot of trail riding and some dune riding.

I need some help figuring out what cam to get and if I should do a big bore kit. Also what parts to stay away from. And if I am missing any thing on this build that I should address now.

Thanks for the help.
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