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660 upgrade suggestions!

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Hey new member looking to revamp my 04 660. Don't really have a budget at this point lol but going through and upgrading and doing ALL of the maintenance on my old fling.

Been years since I've rode it and it ran great. Very torqy. Bought it as a teen and didn't pay attention to the mods the guy I bought it from did to it. As I can recall: I know it has some bore kit on it. Maybe 11:1 or 12:1 ratio (was told but don't remember, oops) fmf full exhaust system. I had put lone star +2 arms on it. Stock swing arm, shocks, and carb as far as I know. Nothing new with any of the electrical. New front/back bumpers. I think 12/40 sprockets.

It's about fully torn down at the moment starting this whole process, it will be getting as of now:
New powder coat. Nerf bars. Sprockets and chain. Stearing stem and bars (probably urmosi). New throttle cable and throttle. New brake master cylinder. Covers/protective gear. Upgraded battery. At least a carb rebuild but looking for suggestions on new (maybe FCR idk). Duel monster exhaust. New shocks (thinking rebuilt yfz450s but also looking for suggestions). New swing arms ( full flights +2 possibly). Motor will be sent to a specialist just to see whats in it and what shape it's in. Most likely new clutch and gears. New headlights. New wheels and tires. Going with bead locks.

Looking for advice or suggestions! Not super familiar with the duel carbs but am mechanically inclined and am willing/ have been learning as I go. I mainly trail ride but would love to take it to the dunes now and then. Wanna be able to show up the new quads that are out and about for fun lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Heres some pics of what it looked like and the tear down process.

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Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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I’m doing the same thing. Sounds like a similar situation. Have had it for years but haven’t ridden it in years. I have an ‘03 and an ‘04. The ‘03 I plan on building and the ‘04 I just want to go through all the basic stuff and have it to ride while I build the other one. From everything I have watched on YouTube and read about, the suspension is the main thing to work on. It’s a big, torquey-motor. See what was all done to the engine at the machine shop - maybe enough was done for now and concentrate on the shocks, a-arms, etc. One thing I definitely want to do is get an extended swing arm. Keep us posted
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