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i got a few things for sale just looking to get rid of

-solid wooden garage door, nothing rotted, grey in color could use repainting but it looks good as is, and i believe it is a 7 1/2' X 8'. comes with all hardware and motorized lift. looking to get $250, but open to offers

-wooden bed with four posts and headboard. pretty large bed, let me know if you want. will post price later or you offer

-tons of antique glass, not sure what size, but in great condition, give me an offer i will probably have price up sometime let me know if you want.

-shitload of veneer all different kind of it got rolls and rolls of it, let me know what you need and your price range, i will most likely have it.

-a few spare doors and windows, if you need one i'll let you know what size

-broken power washer, dont know what kind or how much but if you want for parts let me know

-brass fireplace door with glass and wire covering

might be adding more later, and if i forgot some prices just message and i'll let you know. looking for all things to be local pickup in akron ohio
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