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another oil circulation issue with raptor 660

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Also, I'm having a tuning issue. I'm at 5500 ft elevation. My 660 has 10.75 compression big gun exhaust, stage 1 hotcam and .5 inch carb space, no airbus high output coil and rev box. I can get this captor running great at low end. Plenty of torque and then it starts to die off and finally POP with loss of power. I have tried many different clip positions with many different jets. I even tried a bigger pilot jet. Pilot didn't make a difference of course so 22.5 is back in. I'm at 180 and 185 on jets. It seems to have cotton a little better but still has top end popping. I've tried different settings on the mixture screws to. I'm stuck. Carb are clean, no damage, diaphragms are good and floats float.
Im new at this forum thing. And new here. I'm having trouble finding things here. Like where to post things.
The pickup screen was clear, the tank screen is clear . The motor is clean. It just seems as though I'm missing a seal or something. I replaced the drive half of my case for the case savor mounts. Is there any difference in cases between 01-05? Itooks like have all of the seals by the book but is there a tricky one you don't see much of in the book that you would only know from experience?
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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