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Any mt07 swapped raptor 700’s

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Hi guys I haven’t owned a raptor 700 in years but I’m thinking of getting back into one and dedicating it for the street,but instead of using the 700 motor I want to put a mt07 motor in a raptor 700 chasssis and make it street legal.I know in the u.k and Poland it’s a common swap.but I haven’t seen one in the United States. Any body have any pics or information on the swap. I noticed in some they have the bottom part of the frame cut and modified with a wider one but I’ve seen some that look like it’s the stock frame.any info or pics of the swap I would appreciate it. I know definitely the cp2 engine would handle the abuse of riding highway speeds and the occasional trail ride but it definitely way better than a stock 700 motor for highway riding.since it’s made for it,also the difference between the two motors in weight if I got my info correct off the web is like 10-15lbs difference.
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