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The header pipe on the raptor 350s are good, and I personally, among many others would not change it unless you want to spend the extra money. If you do the following brands of headers are commonly used.

-FMF Power Bomb Header
-Pro Circuit Header

-Slip on/Silencer-
A lot of 350 owners ride with the HMF slip on. Its a highly recommend slip on with a lot of gains. Other well known brands are.


Air Filter:

The air filter goes great with a pipe upgrade. You will feel the power increase of a filter more with the add on of a exhaust. Depending on weather you want to go foam or paper or high flow or replacement is up to you. Modquad makes a great High Flow setup for around 100$ in foam and paper.

-Modquad System with Foam Filter
-Modquad System with K&N Filter


Well personally, I run with no air box lid. With the way the seat sits so close to the air box, it makes for a very good surrounding barrier to keep mud and dirt out of the air box. If your not into completely removing your air box, there is something called the "Pro-Tec Airbox Lid."

**Do not take your air box lid off if you only have a air filter that is a direct replacment of stock. Only take your air box lid off if you have a pro-flow kit which allows you to take the lid of because it doesn't use the lid to holed the filter in place. With Yamaha's design, the air box lid holds down the air filter. With removal of the lid the air filter will come loose and just sit in your air box, doing nothing.**

**By doing any of the above mods, you will be changing the amount of air that goes into your 350, thus requiring you to rejet your carburetor. When adding a pipe,filter and running with no lid most people use the following jets;

125 pilot jet.
155 main jet.
Clip in middle position (stock).

This do vary from place to place because of climate and other factors but the above jet sizes are starting points..**


Well sprockets do a lot of different things depending on the sizes and weather you change the front or rear. The easiest way to get more bottom or top end, is to change the front sprocket. Changing only the front sprocket is easier and cheaper.

-The two most common sporckets used are in the front.(12 + 14 tooth)

12 Tooth- This will give you more bottom end then top. You will loose a bit of top, but defiantly notice your bottom end. You will go through the gears a lot faster, and first gear is pretty much useless.

14 Tooth- This will give you more top end, but loose a bit of acceleration. The gears will last a bit longer, but be harder to wheelie. Once in the wheelie you will be able to stay in one gear longer.

These two types of sprockets are the most widely used. These are the only two I have experience with also.


Upgrading the stock tires on the raptor 350, can be just as beneficial as upgrading the filter or pipe.
There are many good tires so its hard to list them all here, but two very good brands are;


Please if you have any questions, suggestions, or anything to add to this, feel free to pm me, thank you.

- This is a basic list of bolt on upgrades. There are many mods depending on how deep your pockets are so feel free to ask about those mods on the forum!


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the stock front sprocket is 13tooth?

and if i get the 12 tooth for more lower end, should i keep the back sprocket the same or change it?

say i get the 12 tooth for lower end, and one day i want my quad to be better at higher end. what should i buy? for instance, is there any ratios for 12 front and something back to make it better than the stock top end? so when that day comes i don't have to change both sprockets.
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